Emanem 4219 Separately & together

London Improvisers Orchestra/Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra

London Improvisers Orchestra [Harry Beckett, trumpet; Roland Ramanan, trumpet; Ian Smith, trumpet; Robert Jarvis, trombone; Catherine Pluygers, oboe; Terry Day, bamboo pipes; John Rangecroft, clarinet; Chefa Alonso, soprano saxophone; Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone; Adrian Northover soprano saxophone; Caroline Kraabel alto saxophone; Evan Parker tenor saxophone; Alison Blunt, violin; Susanna Ferrar, violin; Sylvia Hallett, violin; Philipp Wachsmann, violin; Ivor Kallin, violin, viola; Hannah Marshall, cello; Marcio Mattos, cello; Barbara Meyer, cello; Dominic Lash, double bass; David Leahy, double bass; John Bisset, electric guitar; Dave Tucker, electric guitar; Veryan Weston, piano; Jackie Walduck, vibraphone; Javier Carmona, percussion]
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra [Aileen Campbell, voice; Matthew Cairns, trumpet; Robert Henderson, trumpet; George Murray, trombone; Emma Roche, flute; Matthew Studdert-Kennedy, flute; John Burgess, bass clarinet; Raymond MacDonald, alto saxophone; Graeme Wilson, baritone saxophone; Peter Nicholson, cello; Una MacGlone, double bass; Armin Sturm, double bass; George Burt, guitar; Neil Davidson, guitar; Chris Hladowski, bouzouki; Rick Bamford, percussion; Stuart Brown, percussion].

    CD A
  1. Impro intro (05.35)
  2. On the point of influence (09.09)
  3. PW to AW (03.12)
  4. Study for Oppy Wood (06.19)
  5. AW to AB (02.20)
  6. Hive life (12.36)
  7. Too late, too late, it's ever so late (05.34)
  8. Seven sisters (for Barry Guy) (11.26)
  9. Stagione (11.21)
    CD B
  1. Big ideas, images and distorted facts (11.44)
  2. 811 joint response (13.23)
  3. 1+1=different (19.59)
  4. Outlaw (10.34)
All recorded at the Freedom of the City festival, Red Rose, London on 6 May 2007; tracks A1-7 are LIO alone; tracks A8/9 and B1 are GIO alone; tracks B2-4 are together.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Sylvie Borel; design by Martin Davidson.

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