Electronic Music Foundation EMF CD 036 Not necessarily "English music"

Various musicians

    CD one
  1. AMM [Eddie Pré; Keith Rowe; Cornelius Cardew; Lou Gare; Lawrence Sheaff]: Live at the Royal College of Art (06.24); recorded on 28 March 1966
  2. Max Eastely, sound sculptures: Wind flutes urban (03.17); recorded in London in 1975
  3. Intermodulation [Roger Smalley; Tim Souster; Robin Thompson; Peter Britton]: Performants (06.40); recorded at Ely Cathedral on 6 July 1971
  4. Frank Perry, percussion: Wedged into release (03.27); recorded at Command Studios, London in 1971
  5. Michael Parsons, cello; Howard Skempton, accordion: Piece for cello and accordion (02.50); recorded at the British Music Information Society, London on 8 August 1974
  6. Daphne Oram: Four aspects (04.51); recorded in 1960
  7. abAna [Bob Cobbing, voice; Paul Burwell, percussion; David Toop, electric guitar]: The Judith poem (02.29); recorded in London on 17 May 1973
  8. Hugh Davies, amplified springs: Music for three springs (05.03); recorded in 1977
  9. Robert Worby: Piano musics, i & ii (05.13); recorded in 1975
  10. Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone, Watkins Copy Cat Echo; Steve Millar, electric piano: Plum (07.07); recorded in England in 1973
  11. Spontaneous Music Orchestra [Probable line-up: John Stevens; Lou Gare; Trevor Watts; Ron Herman; Paul Burwell; David Toop; Christopher Small; Herman Hauge; Chris Turner; Ye Min; Mike Barton]: Search and reflect (06.09); recorded at the Little Theatre Club, London on 18 January 1972
  12. The People Band [Terry Day; Mel Davis; Lyn Dobson; Eddie Edam; Tony Edwards; Mick Figgis; Frank Flowers; Terry Halman; Russ Herney; George Khan]: Part 3 (06.42); recorded London on 21 March 1968
  13. Evan Parker, reeds; Paul Lytton, percussion, electronics: As it were (07.40); rehearsal tape recorded in London on 21 March 1971
    CD two
  1. John Stevens, percussion, cornet, voice: Solo (07.50); recording date and location unknown
  2. Steve Beresford, toy piano: Toy piano (01.47); recorded in Charing Cross Station, London on 18 January 1975
  3. Steve Beresford, voice: Voice (01.43); recorded in York Station on 21 April 1974
  4. Cornelius Cardew, piano; Jane Manning, voice: Battle march (02.27); recorded at the Purcell Room, London on 5 March 1974
  5. Ron Geesin, one-string banjo, water cistern: Duet for one-string banjo and water cistern (02.54); recorded in, London in 1971
  6. Gentle Fire [Hugh Davies; Richard Bernas; Graham Hearn; Stuart Jones; Michael Robinson]: Group composition VI (Unfixed parities) (04.31); recorded at the Gawthorpe Festival, Burnley in July 1974
  7. Rain in the face [Paul Burwell, drums; David Toop, electric guitar]: Instant composition no. 1 (06.59); rehearsal tape recorded in London in 1971
  8. Ranulph Glanville: Nona Meyeah Teay (03.35); recorded in spring 1967
  9. Derek Bailey, electric guitar: Improvisation 5 (07.43); recorded in London in February 1971 (previously released on Solo guitar volume 1 on Incus CD 10
  10. The Campiello Band [Michael Nyman; Rory Allam; Lucie Skeaping; Roddie Skeaping; Steve Saunders; Keith Thompson; Doug Wooton]: Miserere (04.47); recorded in Clifton College, Nottingham on 3 March 1977
  11. Mike Cooper, guitar; Mike Osborne, alto saxophone; Geoff Hawkins, tenor saxophone; Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone; Alan Jackson, drums; Harry Miller, bass; John Taylor, piano: Pharoah's march (07.10); recorded in August 1970
  12. A touch of the sun [Peter Cusack, guitar; Simon Mayo, clarinet]: Geese (03.34); recorded in c. 1974
  13. The Scratch Orchestra: Pilgrimage from scattered points on the surface of the body to the brain, hte inner ear, the heart and the stomach (07.15); recorded London, 1970
  14. Frank Perry, drums; Mongezi Feza, trumpet; Chris McGregor, piano: Blowin' in the wind (07.06); recorded live at Ray Man's Crucible at the Asylum Club, London, 1971
Booklet design (front cover reproduced above) by Peter Soe, Jr.; photograph from Stuart Marshall Archives.

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