Enemy Emy103 The noise of trouble

Last exit

Sonny Sharock, guitar; Peter Brötzmann, tenor and baritone saxophones, tarogato; Bill Laswell, six string bass; Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums, voice; Akira Sakata, alto saxophone, Bb clarinet; Herbie Hancock, piano.

Straw dog, You got me rockin', Take cover, Ma Rainey, Crack butter, Pig cheese, Panzer be-bop, Base metal, Blind Willie, Needles balls, Civil war test, Help me Mo, I'm blind.

Recorded on 2 October 1986 at Parco Spaceparc, Tokyo and on 5 October 1986 at Pit Inn, Tokyo.

Art direction (front cover reproduced above) by Peter Brötzmann.

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