Enemy EMY111 Live at the Knitting Factory volume one

Various musicians

  1. Curlew [Pippin Barnett, drums; George Cartwright, saxophone; Tom Cora, cello; Ann Rupel, bass; Davey Williams, guitar]: St. Croix (04.51)
  2. Bosho [Samm Bennett, electric percussion; David Fulton, guitar; Yuval Gabay, drums; Kumiko Kimoto, vocals, persussion; Kyle Sims, bass]: Atsui yoru no kawa (03.19)
  3. Jazz Passengers [Curtis Fowlkes, trombone; Roy Nathanson, saxophone; Brad Jones, bass; Jim Nolet, violin, Marc Ribot, guitar; E. J. Rodriguez, drums; Bill Ware, vibes]: Decomposer by a neck (06.45)
  4. Mark Dress, bass; Mark Feldman, violin; Nels Cline, guitar: Harkening (08.09)
  5. Scanners [Percy Jones, bass; David Linton, drums; Elliott Sharp, guitar]: Ironcide (03.22)
  6. Miracle Room [Ed Greer, bass; Steven Marsh, guitar, vocals; Rock Savage, percussion]: Open heart (05.51)
  7. Hansundtom [Tom Cora, cello; Hans Reichel, guitar]: Angel-carver blues (07.16)
  8. Alva Rogers [Alva Rogers, vocals; Charles Burnham, vocals, percussion; Brandon Ross, guitar, vocals]: Pizza party (03.48)
All tracks recorded at The Knitting Factory, NYC betwee December 1988 and February 1989.

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