Eremite MTE019 Patterns/Message to South Africa

Noah Howard

Noah Howard, alto saxophone, bells, shakers, vocals; Han Bennink, drums, percussion, Tibetan horn (track 1); Steve Boston, congas (track 1); Earl Freeman, bass (track 1); Misha Mengelberg, piano (track 1); Jaap Schoonhoven, guitar (track 1); Johnny Dyani, bass, vocals (track 2); Kali Fasteau, sheng, vocals (track 2); Chris McGregor, piano (track 2); Noel McGee, drums (track 2).

  1. Patterns (36.27)
  2. Message to South Africa (18.26)
Track 1 was recorded in October 1971 at VPRO Studios, Hilversum, Holland; track 2 was recorded at Studio Vincenee, Paris in 1979.

Front cover photograph of Noah Howard (reproduced above) by Thierry Trombert.

This CD release 1999; originally released on LP on Noah Howard's Alt Sax label in 1971.

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