Erstwhile Records 027 Rabbit run

Keith Rowe/Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler

Keith Rowe, tabletop guitar, electronics; Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer; Marcus Schmickler, digital synthesizer, computer.

  1. Rabbit run (41.05)

Recorded at Peithopraxis Tonstudio, Cologne on 19/20 June 2002.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Keith Rowe; design by Heike Sperling.

Press release from Erstwhile: April 2003

Keith Rowe, Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler are three of the most prominent names in the European experimental world, each with their own distinct history and discography. All three are members of the all-star electronic orchestra MIMEO, and in late 2001, they began performing occasionally as a trio, eventually resulting in Rabbit Run.

Rowe, best known for his groundbreaking work with AMM, has recently been pursuing numerous other projects. Some of the most exceptional documents of this recent work include Weather Sky (w/ Toshimaru Nakamura), The Hands of Caravaggio (with MIMEO and special guest John Tilbury), an ongoing series of works with Oren Ambarchi, and the forthcoming double CD of duos with his longtime sparring partner John Tilbury, Duos for Doris (Erstwhile, out in May), as well as his continued solo explorations, recently documented with a superb 3 inch disc on sound 323.

Lehn's unique command of the analogue synthesizer has established him as one of the most exciting musicians on the European festival circuit. His considerable range of ideas and approaches have been showcased in small groups such as Konk Pack and Toot, in energetic duos with Gerry Hemingway and Marcus Schmickler, and in an ultra-minimal trio with Radu Malfatti and Phil Durrant.

Schmickler has been involved with numerous projects over the past decade, including the seminal collective Kontakta. While rooted in electronic music, Schmickler also has a background in contemporary composition, having studied under prominent Stockhausen collaborator Johannes Fritsch. As a solo artist, Schmickler has created important works such as Wabi Sabi, Sator Rotas and Param, as well as three CDs under the name Pluramon, with a fourth to be released in 2003.

Rowe, Lehn and Schmickler gathered together in June of 2002, in SchmicklerÕs Piethopraxis studio in Cologne, for two days of recordings. The results were Rabbit Run, which is two records in one: a single 41 minute piece designed to be played linearly, and the same piece subdivided into 42 shorter tracks, designed to be played on random shuffle, creating a unique record with each play. The cover painting is by Rowe, in his instantly identifiable pop-art style, subsumed by Cologne designer Heike Sperling into a startlingly original design.

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