ESP - Disk 4031 Expedition: live at the Knitting Factory


Hans Tammen, endangered guitar; Alfred 23 Harth, tenor saxohone, bass clarinet; Chris Dahlgren, bass, electronics; Jay Rosen, drums.

  1. Setting out with aggressive intent (06.33)
  2. Taken at a leisurely pace (04.49)
  3. Many have passed rigorous courses (04.51)
  4. A considerable amount of time and distance (03.43)
  5. Retained notions of speed and purpose (06.46)
  6. A brief pleasure trip (07.55)
  7. From one place to another (05.43)
  8. A long trip by water (04.16)
  9. A place that has emotional significance (05.23)
  10. Returning to the place where it began (09.03)
Recorded live at the Knitting Factory, 2001.

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