AMPLE 4 Ethiopia Tour 2004

The Ex/Han Bennink

The Ex; Han Bennink, drums (tracks 1-8).

  1. (05.19)
  2. (06.09)
  3. (06.51)
  4. (04.23)
  5. (07.11)
  6. (03.27)
  7. (05.08)
  8. (02.37)
  9. Listen to the painters
  10. Getatchew
  11. Confusion errorist
  12. Prism song
  13. Theme from Konono
  14. In the event
  15. I.P. man
Tracks 1-8, side 1 of the cassette is 'a tribute to some of our favourite Ethiopian singers' whose titles are not reproduced in English; hence just the timings are presented here.

This is a cassette-only release produced for the 2004 The Ex/Han Bennink tour of South Ethiopia in 2004. It's not clear if the material was recorded on tour, or earlier, for the tour. The cassette was specifically for sale during the tour and is not widely available in the rest of the world.

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