Extraplatte Ex 176 2 real violin stories: the Mozart industry; Saint Johanna

Jon Rose

The Mozart industry (30.09) [tracks 1-8]
Text and music by Jon Rose (with a little help from Mozart); singing/speaking: Irina Wanka, Almut Henkel, Suzanne Walter-Freyler, Jutta Hans, Michael Thomas, Jon Rose. Original production 1990.

Saint Johanna (36.33) [tracks 9-19]
A reconstruction by Jon Rose; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Peter Hollinger, drums; Jon Rose, violin, bass, computer-controlled instruments; Nicholas Epain, boy singer; Marc Delors, boy singer; Le Confort Moderne, crowd, football, etc. Final editing and mixing at Radio France, Paris, January 1990; editing at Steim, February 1991.

Front cover (reproduced above) Eternity, anon; design by Jon Rose and Josef Klammer.

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