FMP 0360 Solo

Peter Brötzmann

Peter Brötzmann, saxophones and clarinets as specified.

Brunches [tenor saxophone] (00.25), Two birds in a feather [alto saxophone] (04.20), Piece for two clarinets (04.08), Wolke in hosen [tenor saxophone] (00.22), Der grieche [clarinet] (05.05), Blue balls [clarinet] (04.30), Scrambag [alto saxophone] (05.50), Piece for two clarinets (03.25), Humpty Dumpty [bass saxophone] (05.52), Jack-in-the-box [clarinet] (01.50), Twee(D)dldum [alto saxophone] (09.55), Eine kleine marschmusik [alto saxophone] (03.00).

Recorded May 1976, Berlin.

Cover design by Brötzm.

Re-issued in January 2010 as FMP CD 141.

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