FMP 0380 Pearls

Globe Unity Orchestra and guests

Kenny Wheeler, trumpet; Enrico Rava, trumpet; Manfred Schoof, trumpet; Anthony Braxton, reeds; Peter Brötzmann, reeds; Rüdiger Carl, reeds; Evan Parker, reeds; Gerd Dudek, reeds; Michel Pilz, reeds; Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone; Paul Rutherford, trombone; Günter Christmann, trombone; Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano; Peter Kowald, bass, tuba; Buschi Niebergall, bass; Paul Lovens, percussion & strings, musical saw.

Every single one of us is a pearl (26.25), Kunstmusik II (10.20), The onliest - the lonliest (07.08), Ruby my dear (04.50).

Recorded at the Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden, on 25 to 27 November 1977 during the New Jazz Meeting - ten years Globe Unity Orchestra.

Cover design and photograph (reproduced above) by Alex Schlippenbach and Jost Gebers.

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