FMP 0480 Pink pong

Georg Graewe Quintet

Horst Grabosch, trumpet; Harald Dau, soprano, tenor saxophones; Georg Graewe, piano; Hans Schneider, bass; Achim Kramer, drums.

New tune (01.46), Hordel (03.59), Low noise (05.31), Braunssscheich (00.31), More noise (04.17), Fusion (03.05), Approximated (04.09), Pink pong (04.21), Gerlinde-gesagt (06.17), Holloposz (05.04), Moongun (00.57).

Recorded 3 to 6 October 1977 at FMP Studio, Berlin.

'Many thanks to gastronomer Wendel for the cover photograph'.

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