FMP 0670 3 points and a mountain


Peter Brötzmann, alto, tenor saxophones, a-clarinet, e-flat clarinet, bass clarinet; Misha Mengelberg, piano, voice; Han Bennink, drums, tenor sax, clarinet, etc.

Brötzmann (03.21), Gewidmet frau Hauser (06.36), There and Zuruck (13.10), Met wel beleefde groete van de kamel (06.20), 3 points and a mountain (12.40), Potzdausend, in's blaue hinein (05.07).

Recorded 26 February 1979 at the Akademie der Kunste by Jost Gebers.

Cover by Brötzm.

Re-issued on CD in March 2000 with extra tracks

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