FMP 1060 14 love poems

Peter Brötzmann solo

Peter Brötzmann, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones, tenor sax mouthpiece, a-clarinet, e-flat clarinet; bass clarinet, tarogato.

NR.1 baritone sax [Lonely woman by Ornette Coleman] (05.29), NR.2 a-clarinet (00.31), NR.3 alto sax (02.55), NR.4 bass clarinet (03.07), NR.5 a-clarinet (04.51), NR.6 tenor sax (00.24), NR.7 baritone sax (04.38), NR.8 tenor sax mouthpiece (03.34), NR.9 bass clarinet (03.47), NR.10 tarogato (02.41), NR.11 e-flat-clarinet (02.17), NR.12 tenor sax (01.40), NR.13 e-flat-clarinet (03.50), NR.14 tenor sax (04.55).

Recorded 21/22/23 August 1984 by Jost Gebers in Bremen.

Cover design by Brötzm; cover photograph (reproduced above) by Kenn Michael.

Re-issued on CD as FMP CD 125 in 2004 with additional tracks.

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