FMP 1120 Berlin Djungle

Peter Brötzmann Clarinet Project

Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone, clarinet, tarogato; Toshinori Kondo, trumpet; Hannes Bauer, trombone; Alan Tomlinson, trombone; Tony Coe, clarinet; J.D. Parran, clarinet; E.L. Petrowski, clarinet; Louis Sclavis, clarinet, bass clarinet; John Zorn, clarinet, mouthpieces; William Parker, double bass; Tony Oxley, drums.

What a day [first part] (24.37), What a day [second part] (23.15).

Recorded live during the Jazzfest Berlin on 4 November 1984, at Delphi Theater, Berlin.

Cover design by Brötzm.

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