FMP 1150 Go-No-Go

Peter Brötzmann/Alfred 23 Harth

Peter Brötzmann, tenor and baritone saxophones, tarogato; Alfred 23 Harth, alto and tenor saxophones.

Motivational research (04.36), From hell to breakfast (02.13), Fettfleck auf wiess (01.02), Theory of heat (02.21), Git up and git (01.46), Disformale studien (03.03), Go-No-Go (06.12), Les gens nus entre les jambes (06.56), Copper sex (03.36), Das bett zersplittert am bein (01.47), Old felt hat (02.40), That's the way the owls hoot (03.11), Donkey roast (01.12).

Recorded on 31 January and 1 February 1987 at the FMP Studio, Berlin by Jost Gebers; produced by Gebers/Brötzm/23 Harth.

Cover by Brötzm.

'Go-No-Go: pertaining to that moment in a missile launching when the operation must either be cancelled or allowed to continue towards completion without the possibility of cancellation. Aerospace use.

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