FMP 1260 Duos Europa

Peter Kowald

Peter Kowald, bass; with:

Floros Floridis, clarinet: Maria's black (04.14); recorded 1 February 1989 in Athens.

Derek Bailey, guitar: Found bits (02.31); recorded 10 July 1988 in Berlin.

Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone: Trollymog (02.30); recorded 29 June 1986 in Berlin.

Marilyn Mazur, percussion: Wind travel suite (05.33); recorded 29 September 1988 in Copenhagen.

Joëlle Léandre, bass & voice: Frerebet soeurboise (04.59); recorded 14 December 1986 in Berlin.

Evan Parker, soprano saxophone: Straight angle suite II (04.45); recorded 16 August 1987 in Berlin.

Irène Schweizer, piano: Wundenkönigin und Fühlebär (04.47); recorded 14 December 1986 in Berlin.

Han Bennink, drums: Olie en water (04.19); recorded 9 July 1988 in Berlin.

Conrad Bauer, trombone: Stein auf bein (03.53); recorded 12 August 1989 in Berlin.

Fred Frith, guitar: Without the fat of sacrifice (03.00); recorded 30 March 1986 in New York.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by A. R. Penk; layout by Kowald and Jost Gebers.

This LP release partly overlaps with the tracks on the CD release: FMP CD21.

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