FMP CD104 Melancholy

Cecil Taylor Workshop Ensemble

Tobias Netta, trumpet; Wolfgang Fuchs, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet; Harri Sjöström, soprano saxophone; Volker Schlott, alto saxophone; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophone; Thomas Klemm, tenor saxophone; Jörg Huke, trombone; Thomas Wiedermann, trombone; Cecil Taylor, piano; Barry Guy, double bass; Tony Oxley, drums.

  1. Sphere no. 1 (20.33)
  2. Sphere no. 2 (20.36)
  3. Sphere no. 3 (28.59)
Recorded at the Bechstein Concert Hall, Berlin on 30 September 1990.

Booklet (front cover reproduced above) layout by Jost Gebers; photograph by Dagmar Gebers.

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