FMP CD112 Right as rain: dedicated to Werner Lüdi

Peter Brötzmann

Peter Brötzmann, tenor and bass saxophones, c-clarinet and bass clarinet.

  1. Watchamacallit (07.46)
  2. The rain went on and on (07.49)
  3. Not tonight or any night (02.59)
  4. Go on for long in any way (09.25)
  5. There were tears in her eyes (11.37)
  6. Twist, turn and leave (08.34)
  7. Death whistles (02.34)
  8. Do not remove (09.11)
  9. Wisdom fattens the soul of men (06.33)
  10. Right as rain (06.05)
Recorded on 19 and 20 August 2000 in Berlin; produced by Jost Gebers and Peter Brötzmann.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Brötzm.

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