FMP CD 19/20 Duets, dithyrambisch

Wolfgang Fuchs/Hans Koch/Evan Parker/Louis Sclavis

Wolfgang Fuchs, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet; Hans Koch, soprano and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Louis Sclavis, soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet.

Pace lace [Sclavis/Parker] (22.33), Strongly weather (wrongly) 1 [Sclavis/Koch] (13.10), Strongly weather (wrongly) 2 [Sclavis/Koch] (04.49), Strongly weather (wrongly) 3 [Sclavis/Koch] (05.51), Ducking and diving [Parker/Fuchs] (17.12), Together in one [Koch/Fuchs] (10.03), Helmholz [Sclavis/Fuchs] (14.43), Birds of prey [Parker/Koch] (13.10), Schwalbe [Sclavis/Fuchs] (16.13), Verdoppelter effekt [Parker/Fuchs] (09.23), Trane and the rive gauche [Sclavis/Parker] (05.47), Dithyrambisch für Markus Lüpertz [Parker/Koch] (11.47).

Recorded live 14 and 16 July 1989 during the Summermusic concert series at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin.

Booklet layout (reproduced above) and photographs by Jost Gebers.

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