FMP CD32 No nothing

Peter Brötzmann

Peter Brötzmann, Brötzophone, alto, tenor and bass saxophones, tarogato, e-flat and bass clarinets.

Insomnia [Brötzophone] (01.03), Death in lover's lane [e-flat clarinet] (05.45), Acoustic disturbance [alto sax] (03.51), Gloating minotaur [bass sax] (03.38), It is growing dark [alto sax] (03.51), Magogagog [bass clarinet] (07.00), The wounded savage [tenor sax] (06.40), Nothing of flesh is save [tarogato] (06.11), Pig-man [e-flat clarinet] (03.50), Man is to man beast [Brötzophone] (02.26), Cold moon [bass clarinet] (02.51), Syncopated ecstasy [alto sax] (04.45), The stallions of blood [tarogato] (04.45), No nothing [bass clarinet] (10.52), The shabby coachman [e-flat clarinet] (03.44), All art is quite useless/O. Wilde [Brötzophone] (01.48).

Recorded by Brötzmann and Gebers 14 and 15 December 1990 at the FMP Studio Berlin; produced by Jost Gebers and Peter Brötzmann.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Jost Gebers; design by Brötzm.

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