FMP CD34/35 Live in Berlin '71

Brötzmann/van Hove/Bennink/Mangelsdorff

Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone; Fred van Hove, piano; Han Bennink, drums, khene, vibrapan, kaffir-piano, dhung, dung-dkar, gachi, oe-oe, elong,home-made junk, voice, tins; Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone and voice.

[Disc 1] Florence Nightingale (19.57), Elements (15.36), Antwarrepe (08.42), Alberts (10.54), [Disc 2] Couscouss de la Mauresque (20.54), Wenn mein schätzlein auf die pauke haut (18.42), The end (22.55).

Recorded live during the Free Music Market by Eberhard Sengpiel on 28 August 1971 [Disc 1] and 29 August 1971 at the Quartier Latin in Berlin [Disc 2]; produced by Jost Gebers.

Cover by Brötzm.

Originally released as three LPs in 1971: FMP 0030: Elements; FMP 0040: The end; and FMP 0050: Couscouss de la Mauresque. Also released as a specially boxed, numbered set with a folded drawing by Peter Brötzmann:

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