FMP CD73 Nothing to say: a suite of breathless motion dedicated to Oscar Wilde

Peter Brötzmann

Peter Brötzmann, alto, tenor and bass saxophones, tarogato, e-flat and bass clarinets.

  1. Nothing to say [bass sax] (07.56)
  2. Let's walk from fire unto fire [e-flat clarinet] (06.43)
  3. Seven stars in still water [bass clarinet] (05.19)
  4. One that stood alone [tarogato] (04.46)
  5. Fair wind is blowing from the sea [alto sax] (02.48)
  6. A lying tale [alto sax] (03.45)
  7. There is no peace under the noon [tenor sax] (08.09)
  8. A heavy creeping shade [bass sax] (04.28)
  9. The sky is laced with fitful red [tarogato] (08.06)
  10. Have you heard the news [e-flat clarinet] (06.32)
  11. Love makes people good [alto sax] (11.01)
  12. Simply a born artist [alto sax] (05.31)
Recorded on 15 and 16 November 1994 in Berlin; produced by Jost Gebers and Peter Brötzmann.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Brötzm.

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