FMP MJ 01 FMP story

Various musicians

  1. Peter Brötzmann Octet: Responsible (take 2) (08.15) [from FMP CD 24]
  2. Hans Reichel, guitar: Good days (04.59) [from FMP CD 54]
  3. Globe Unity Special: Evidence (06.01) [from FMP CD 40]
  4. Peter Kowald, bass; Jeanne Lee, voice: In these last days (03.48) [from FMP CD 21]
  5. Schlippenbach Trio: Resurrection of Yarak (08.28) [from FMP CD 27]
  6. Synopsis: Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, alto saxophone; Conrad Bauer, trombone; Ulrich Gumpert, piano; Gunter Sommer, drums, percussion: Auf der elbe schwimmt ein Rosa Krokodil (05.50) [from FMP LP 0240]
  7. Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone: Nocturnal chirps 3 (05.45) [from FMP CD 29]
  8. King Übü Örchestrü: Translation #6 (04.53) [from FMP CD 49]
  9. Keith Tippett, piano: Oh, my God (04.11). Previously unreleased; recorded in Berlin, June 1987
  10. Butch Morris, cornet; Werner Lüdi, alto saxophone; Peter Kowald, bass; Sainkho Namtchylak, voice: Dance of the invisibles (03.25) [from FMP CD 38]
  11. Raphe Malik Quintet: CC (Dedicated to Duke Ellington) (06.52) [from FMP CD 43]
  12. September Band: Rüdiger Carl, clarinet; Hans Reichel, daxophone; Paul Lovens, drums, percussion; Shelley Hirsch, voice: Looking at flees with Henry Geldzahler (06.00). Previously unreleased; recorded in Berlin, November 1994.
  13. Joe Sachse: Loverman (03.53) [from FMP CD 41]
Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Roberto Masotti.

Released in conjunction with Musica Jazz (Italy): number 3, 1996.

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