FMP OWN-90003 Guitar solo: Gute und schlechte Zeiten

Erhard Hirt

Erhard Hirt, Gibson ES-175 hollow body guitar, Steinberger guitar, Hohner-Steinberger with guitarsynthesizer.

Noch ein husten für Karl Valentin (02.03), BHW (to Helmut) (3.26), Drone (05.32), Auge und ohr (04.22), Staff (03.19) Kermesse (01.56), Feedback (04.40), Percussion (04.41), Drive (04.00), Slow music (to Mathias) (04.31), mit Klammern (04.59), mit Motoren (04.25), Flute (02.06), Klapp & Flap (02.02), MZ (to Davey) (01.18), Axes (to John) (01.26), Waage II (to Barbara) (04.43), Synthesizer (03.03).

Recorded December 1991/May 1993 at c.u.b.a. Münster, studio Bernward Müller.

Layout (front cover reproduced above) by Matthias Grunert.

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