FMR CD130-i0803 Rivers in time

Borah Bergman/Frode Gjerstad

Borah Bergman, piano; Frode Gjerstad, saxophone, clarinets.

  1. Exuberation [BB solo] (09.27)
  2. Dark passage (08.48)
  3. Rivers of time (13.45)
  4. Memory of Gil Evans [BB solo] (05.23)
  5. Trolls part 1 (05.10)
  6. Red jets (05.02)
  7. Trolls part 2 (03.16)
  8. For Camilla Søvik [FG solo] (04.42)
Duo tracks and FG solo track recorded at NRK Studios, Stavanger on 1 March 2002; Exuberation recorded at Systems 2 Recording Studios on 25 October 2002; Memory of Gil Evans recorded at Sherman Square Studios, nd.

Cover artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Camilla Søvik.

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