FMR CD160-i0505 Drummin' Chicago

Fredy Studer/Hamid Drake/Michael Zerang

Fredy Studer, drums, cymbals, gongs, metal, multiple percussion; Hamid Drake, drums, cymbals, metal, frame drum, tabla, multiple percussion; Michael Zerang, drums, cymbals, gongs, metal, darabuka, zither, tambourine, whistles, bells, multiple percussion.
  1. North Damen trance (12.04)
  2. Drummin' Chicago (02.18)
  3. Empty Bottle flow (08.37)
  4. Prima materia (04.09)
  5. Six hands (10.12)
  6. Blue elbow (05.22)
  7. Candlestick whistle (01.40)
  8. Three voices (03.53)
  9. Movements on skin (06.30)
Recorded at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago on 7 January 2003.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Marianne Halter; artwork by Josef Jutz.

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