FMR CD168-i0706 Falkirk

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra with Barry Guy

Mike Travis, drums; George Burt, guitar; John Burgess, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone; Matt Cairns, trumpet; Neil Davidson, guitar; Pete Dowling, alto saxophone; Nick Fells, shakuhachi; Robert Henderson, trumpet; George Murray, trombone; George Lyle, double bass; Raymond MacDonald, alto and soprano saxophones; Una MacGlone, double bass; Peter Nicholson, cello; Daniel Padden, voice, clarinet, percussion; Nicola MacDonald, voice; Emma Roche, flute, baroque flute; Matthew Studdert-Kennedy, flute; Graeme Wilson, tenor and baritone saxophone; Bill Wells, keyboard; Maya Homburger, baroque violin; Barry Guy, double bass.
  1. Improvisation (GIO) (15.56)
  2. Witch Gong Game II/10 (50.24)
Recorded in the Green Room of Callendar House, Falkirk on 22 October 2005.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Ewan Rigg.

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