FMR CD366-1013 Artificial life 2007

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra and George Lewis

Rick Bamford, drums; Stu Brown, drums; George Burt, acoustic guitar; Neil Davidson, electric guitar; Robert Henderson, trumpet; Fergus Kerr, french horn; George Lewis, trombone; George Lyle, double bass; Nicola MacDonald, voice; Raymond MacDonald, alto and soprano saxophones; Jim McEwan, Rhodes, electronics; Una MacGlone, double bass; Nicole McNeilly, trombone; George Murray, trombone; Peter Nicholson, cello; Maggie Nicols, voice; Anne Rankin, oboe; Emma Roche, flute; Gerry Rossi, piano; Liene Rozite, flute; Armin Sturm, double bass; Graeme Wilson, tenor and baritone saxophone.
  1. Artificial life 2007: Page one (09.58)
  2. Artificial life 2007: Page two (18.39)
  3. Free improvisation (19.54)
Recorded at the CCA, Glasgow on 2 December 2012.

Paintings (front cover reproduced above) by Raymond Macdonald.

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