FMR CD380-0714 Life in four parts

Paul Dunmall Sextet

Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone, flute, bagpipes; Mike Fletcher, alto saxophone, flute, bagpipes; Percy Pursglove, trumpet; Mike Hurley, piano, organ; Chris Mapp, bass; Mark Sanders, drums; Simon Hall, bass trombone (track 5 only); Bethan Jones, orchestral bass drum (track 5 only).
  1. Dancing for joy at the Hermit's Hideaway (01.07)
  2. Life in four parts part one (11.56)
  3. Life in four parts part two (16.24)
  4. Life in four parts part three (16.53)
  5. Life in four parts part four (15.32)
Recorded 7 March 2014 at Birmingham Conservatoire.

Engraving (front cover reproduced above) by Paul Dunmall.

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