FMR CD427-1116 In layers

Onno Govaert/Marcelo dos Reis/Luis Vicente/Krist ján Martinsson

Onno Govaert, drums; Marcelo dos Reis, acoustic guitar; Luís Vicente, trumpet; Krist ján Martinsson, piano.
  1. Glaze (05.15)
  2. Fresco (10.17)
  3. Varnish (04.30)
  4. Tempera (09.45)
  5. Pentimenti (08.55)
  6. Underdrawing (06.50)
Recorded 25 April 2016 at Zaal 100, Amsterdam.

Painting (front cover reproduced above) In layers by Chris Ripken; design and artwork by Rossana dos Reis; .

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