Foghorn Records FGCD012 A big hand

Tony Bevan/Paul Obermayer/Phil Marks/Dominic Lash

Tony Bevan, soprano, tenor and bass saxophones, flute; Paul Obermayer, electronics; Phil Marks, drums; Dominic Lash, double bass.

  1. Rock me baby (05.35)
  2. Heart of stone (03.31)
  3. They smell like giants (05.24)
  4. Lonely girl (06.25)
  5. Box of frogs (04.37)
  6. One punch and out (08.54)
  7. He's Spartacus (03.01)
  8. Giants (of jazz-funk) (03.19)
  9. I am not a lizard (05.00)
  10. Got you sucker! (04.55)
Recorded at Oxford Brookes University on 14/15 August 2009.

Design and artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Paul Dunn at Diablo; photograph of PO by Caroine Forbes.

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