FOR 4 EARS CD409 Arnold bombs and fireflys

Hans Anliker/Hans Burgener/Michael Lytle/Martin Schütz

Hans Anliker, trombone; Hans Burgener, accordion, violin, electric violin; Michael Lytle, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet; Martin Schütz, accordion, cello, electric 5-string cello.

Nerves (06.06), Please (05.05), Space and pulse (04.42), on out (08.18), Air of solitude (02.49), Fireflys (05.39), Sorry Mamma (09.19), Odd John (01.50), Leroy (04.18), Feather (03.25), Peace (03.12), Bombay in Scotland (05.24), Arnold (05.17), Lester (05.02).

Recorded on 27 February to 1 March 1992 at Studio Rastral, Grenchen, Switzerland.

Design (cover reproduced above) by Jürg Nigg.

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