HatOLOGY 589 Tales out of time

Peter Brötzmann/Joe McPhee/Kent Kessler/Michael Zerang

Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone; Joe McPhee, tenor saxophone, pocket cornet, trumpet; Kent Kessler, bass; Michael Zerang, drums, percussion.

  1. Stone poem No. 1 (03.16)
  2. Something there is that doesn't love (06.01)
  3. Master of a small house (for Fred Hopkins) (07.22)
  4. Cymbalism (05.54)
  5. Alto lightening in a violin sky (for Jimmy Lyons) (05.53)
  6. From now till doomsday (06.46)
  7. Do you still love me/Did I ever? (12.07)
  8. In anticipation of the next (for Wilbur Morris and Peter Kowald) (06.09)
  9. Blessed assurance (04.11)
  10. Pieces of red, green and blue (08.01)
  11. Stone poem No. 2 (02.24)
Recorded on 19 June 2002 at AirWave Studios, Chicago.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Peter Brötzmann; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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