Hi 4 Head Records HFHCD018 Cynosure

Trevor Watts String Ensemble

Trevor Watts, alto and soprano saxophones; Dave Cole, guitar; Steve Hayton, guitar; Steve Danachie, violin; Sandy Spencer, cello; Colin McKenzie, bass guitar; Lindsay Cooper, bass; Liam Genockey, drums.

  1. Another time (12.35)
  2. No waiting (10.25)
  3. We'll talk about it later (09.09)
  4. Chip (09.28)
  5. Tribute to 'Trane (02.00)
  6. Hollywood (08.25)
  7. No waiting (05.28)
  8. Dance trance (04.14)
  9. Chip (05.21)
Tracks 1-5 recorded in June 1976 in London and originally issued on Ogun LP OG 526; tracks 6-8 recorded live in concert at the Notre Dame Theatre, London, 1976.

Original sleeve design and front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Robin Steward; re-issue sleeve design by Wesley Richardson.

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