ICP 001 New Acoustic Swing Duo

Willem Breuker/Han Bennink

Willem Breuker, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, Eb clarinet, bass clarinet; Han Bennink, bass drum, small and large tom toms, street parade drum, snare drum, tabla, banya, vibra pan, home made rattles, cow and temple bells, Chinese 7" giant cymbals, scraper, Chinese temple blocks, hi-hat, iron and wooden sticks, voice.

  1. Music for John Tchicai (07.45)
  2. Felix Meritis and B.V. (04.35)
  3. I.C.P. 1 for Maarten Derksen (01.40)
  4. Singing the impalpable blues (03.15)
  5. Mr M.A. de R. in A. (03.20)
  6. Gamut (21.16)

Recorded on 19 November and 10 December 1967 in Amsterdam.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Han Bennink.

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