ICP 024/IMA 1/DIW 1014 Japan Japon

Misha Mengelberg & ICP Orchestra

Misha Mengelberg, piano, voice; Keshavan Maslak, alto and tenor saxophones, voice; Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet; Peter Brötzmann, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, voice; Walter Wierbos, trombone; Joep Maassen, trombone; Larry Fishkind, tuba; Maurice Horsthuis, viola; Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, voice; Han Bennink, drums, etc.

  1. Salute to Fujisawa Shukoh (02.45)
  2. Kwela: Hap; Boodschappen; Welkom; Briefkaart; Maurits (17.39)
  3. Habanera (06.15)
  4. Carnaval (03.30)
  5. Japan Japon (07.10)
  6. Zing zang zaterdag (03.22)

Recorded on 11 May 1982 at Osaka and 17 May 1982 in Tokyo.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Tsutomu Suto.

Also released on CD as DIW 454 with two additional tracks.

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