Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-512 Funny rat

Peter Brötzmann/Shoji Hano

Peter Brötzmann, tarogato, bass clarient, tenor saxophone; Shoji Hano, drums, percussion.
  1. Funny rat 1 (24.42)
  2. Snake and sheep (11.16)
  3. We all like mountain rabbit (18.12)
  4. Funny rat 3 (05.47)
  5. Funny rat 2 (12.21)
Recorded on 10 October 1991 at Aku Aku, Tsukuba.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Arndt Sebastian; design by Samm Bennet and Haruna Ito.

Previously released on EGG 89002 on cassette; track 4 released here on CD for the first time.

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