Impetus 19527 Wheels within wheels

Bardo State Orchestra

Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet, whistles, voice, percussion; Marcio Mattos, bass, cello, electronics, percussion; Ken Hyder, drums, percussion, khoomei & kargiraa vocals; with Tebetan Buddhist Monks of the Schechen Tennyid Dhargyeling Monastery, Nepal: Pema, Thinley, Phurba, Tsewang playing: thung-chen (long, deep-toned instrument similar to alpine horn), jya-ling (double- reeded shenai), kangling (thigh bone trumpet), dun-kar (conch shell trumpet), rollmo (small cymbals), sinyin (large cymbals), na (large double-headed bass drum), chanting.

  1. Who's watching the watcher I (02.14)
  2. Light shower (08.35)
  3. Horn of plenty (08.33)
  4. Minder's kindly eye (05.40)
  5. a) An essence of it's own; b) Mountain journey (07.13)
  6. Inner voice 121 (05.04)
  7. a) Good beat; b) Skeleton dance (13.21).
  8. Who's watching the watcher II (02.08)
Recorded at The Premises, 28 May 1995.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Kenneth Ansell; design by Impetus.

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