Impetus 29831 A view from the bridge (composed works)

Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay Cooper's composed works played by various combinations of musicians and groups, as indicated below:
    Disc one:
  1. Concerto for sopranino saxophone & strings (29.58). Lindsay Cooper, sopranino saxophone with Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna; recorded Bologna Opera House on 29 May 1992
  2. Ophelia (11.35). Sally Potter, voice; Lindsay Cooper, synthesizer; recorded at Milo Studio & Wolf Studios.
  3. Songs for bassoon & orchestra (25.08). Lindsay Cooper, bassoon with Bay Area Women's Philharmonic; recorded in the First Congregational Church, San Francisco on 11 November 1993.

    Disc two:

  4. Nightmare (06.04). Phil Minton, voice; Dean Brodrick, piano; Thomas Bloch, ondes martenot; Gerard Siracusa, marimba, percussion; Brian Abrahams, drums; Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, synthesizer, voice; recorded at Premises Studio, London probably 1994.
  5. German stories (04.58). Alfred 23 Harth, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone; Lindsay Cooper, sopranino saxophone; Annemarie Roelofs, violin, trombone; Elvira Plenar, piano, synthesizer; recorded at Trio Studio, Frankfurt in March 1987.
  6. Singing waters (13.51). Gemini: bass clarinet, percussion, piano, trumpet; recorded at the ICA, London in January 1994.
  7. The rain song (04.03). Maggie Nicols, voice; Ian Mitchell, bass clarinet; recorded at Wolf Studio, London on 17 January 1998.
  8. Fragments from God's country (04.59). Lindsay Cooper, recorded at home and at Milo Studio in February/March 1995.
  9. An angel on the bridge (38.26). Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, sopranino saxophone, keyboard; Michael Askill, percussion; Louise Johnson, harp; Cathy Marsh, voice; recorded at Megaphon Studios in June 1990.
Front cover (reproduced above) combination of photograph of LC by Andrew Testa and seascape by Margot Nash.
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