Gua-Bunge GBLP-3388-01 Atsugi concert

Peter Brötzmann/Han Bennink

Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, Eb clarinet, piano; Han Bennink, drums, C-melody saxophone, C-clarinet, trombone, piano, bamboo xylophone, schwirrholz, shell, stones, alt-violin.

    Side one:
  1. (10.10)
  2. (06.39)
  3. (05.14)

    Side two:

  4. (14.10)
  5. (05.10)
Recorded on 8 April 1980 at Rodo Center in Atsugi.

Graphics (front cover reproduced above) by Shin-Ichi Okumura and Susumu Ogawa.

Released only on limited edition LP: comes in fold-out sleeve and 16-page photo-booklet. Many thanks to Kouichi Ohshima for this entry.

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