Intakt CD 032 Choice-chase

Stephan Wittwer/Martin Schütz/Paul Lovens

Stephan Wittwer, electric guitar; Martin Shütz, electric 5-string cello, acoustic cello; Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals.

  1. Choice c (02.00)
  2. Choice d (07.16)
  3. Choice h (09.49)
  4. Waidwund I (09.12)
  5. Waidwund II (14.16)
  6. Waidwund III (10.42)
  7. Waidwund IV (08.55)
  8. Waidwund V (06.48)

Choice recorded at Radio Studio Zürich on 22/23 October 1992; Waidwund recorded at Taktlos, Rote Fabrik Zürich on 24 March 1991.

Cover art (front cover reproduced above) by Peter Fischli/David Weiss; cover design by Hanna Koller.

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