Intakt 095 Study II/Stringer

Barry Guy/London Jazz Composers' Orchestra

Barry Guy, bass, director; Irène Schweizer, piano (Study II only); Howard Riley, piano (Stringer only); Henry Lowther, trumpet (Study II only); Jon Corbett, trumpet (Study II only); Marc Charig, trumpet (Study II only); Conrad Bauer, trombone (Study II only); Radu Malfatti, trombone (Study II only); Paul Rutherford, trombone (Stringer only); Paul Nieman, trombone (Stringer only); Alan Tomlinson, trombone; Steve Wick, tuba (Study II only); Melvin Poore, tuba (Stringer only); Trevor Watts, reeds; Simon Picard, reeds (Study II only); Peter McPhail, reeds, flute (Study II only); Paul Dunmall, reeds (Study II only); Evan Parker, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone; Peter Brötzmann, saxophone, clarinet (Stringer only); Larry Stabbins, saxophone (Stringer only); Tony Coe, saxophone, clarinet (Stringer only); Phil Wachsmann, violin; Barre Phillips, bass (Study II only); Peter Kowald, bass (Stringer only); Paul Lytton, percussion (Study II only); Tony Oxley, percussion (Stringer only); John Stevens, percussion (Stringer only).

  1. Study II (19.47)
  2. Stringer (Four pieces for orchestra) part I (14.11)
  3. Stringer (Four pieces for orchestra) part II (06.50)
  4. Stringer (Four pieces for orchestra) part III (06.52)
  5. Stringer (Four pieces for orchestra) part IV (14.28)
Study II recorded in February 1991 at Radio Studio DRS, Zürich; Stringer recorded March 1980 at the Maida Vale Studio by BBC London.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Fred Hellier; design by Eugen Bisig.

Stringer first released as FMP SAJ-41 LP in 1983.

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