Intakt 237 Edge of the light

Lotte Anker/Fred Frith

Lotte Anker, saxophones; Fred Frith, electric guitar.

  1. Anchor point (03.06)
  2. Run don't hide (08.27)
  3. Reasonably available control measures (10.50)
  4. The mountains is as quiet as the eternal past (08.15)
  5. Non-precision approach procedure (01.40)
  6. Thief breaks into an empty house (09.17)
  7. The same dirt (04.40)
  8. Hallucinating angels (10.30)
Recorded on 11 July 2010 at Village Recording, Copenhagen.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Heike Liss; graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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