Intakt CD 262 Wrong is right

Omri Ziegele Noisy Minority

Omri Ziegele, alto saxophone, voice; Ray Anderson, trombone; Jan Schlegel, electric bass; Dieter Ulrich, drums, bugle.

  1. Late cats' rushing hour (06.59)
  2. Where I'm going to (11.25)
  3. Faster than the master (01.00)
  4. Finally your own voice (05.43)
  5. Decimal system (05.23)
  6. Wrong is right (08.25)
  7. Tolck (14.37)
  8. In the old ways (03.41)
Recorded 10 May 2015 at Miller's Theater, Zürich, Switzerland.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Julia Ambroschütz & Andreas Gefe; graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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