Intakt CD 266 The blue shroud

Barry Guy

Blue Shroud Band [Barry Guy, bass, director; Savina Yannatou, voice; Ben Dwyer, guitar; Agustí Fernández, piano; Maya Homburger, violin; Fanny Paccoud, viola; Percy Pursglove, trumpet; Torben Snekkestad, soprano saxophone, reed trumpet; Michael Niesemann, alto saxophone, oboe; Per Texas Johansson, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Julius Gabriel, baritone saxophone; Michel Godard, tuba, serpent; Lucas Niggli, drums, percussion; Ramón López, drums, percussion].

    The blue shroud
  1. Prelude (06.01)
  2. Song 1 (04.46)
  3. Song 3 (03.05)
  4. Bull/Mother and child/Warrior (11.23)
  5. H.I.F. Biber, "The carrying of the cross" Mystery sonata IX (02.22)
  6. "A blinded bird of hope" (Song 4) (07.38)
  7. Bird (08.09)
  8. H.I.F. Biber, Aria from "Crucifixion" Mystery sonata X (Song 7) (06.51)
  9. Light bearer (06.03)
  10. Fugitive (06.03)
  11. J.S. Bach "Agnus dei" from the b minor mass (08.59)
Recorded 17/18 October 2015 during the Ad Libitum Festival Warsaw.

Cover art (front cover reproduced above) and graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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