ITM 1453 Neils & the New York street percussionists

Bill Laswell/Niels Jensen/Bernie Worrell/Jamal Evans/Robert Russo/Nicky Skopelitis/Peter Brötzmann

Bill Laswell, bass; Bernie Worrell, keyboards; Jamal Evans, buckets and metals; Robert Russo, keyboards; Nicky Skopelitis, Fairlight; Niels Jensen, dobro and vocals. Peter Brötzmann, bass saxophone on Raw war; possibly tenor saxophone on Uman; does not play on other tracks.

Uman (06.03), Dream in steam (05.09), Mess-age (05.15), The crowd (02.14), 3-D-ID (03.45), Raw war (07.18), Autodidact (05.33), The void (03.05).

Recorded and mixed at The Gates of Hell, Brooklyn, New York by Oz Fritz and Jonas Hellborg in July/August 1990.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Johannes Falk.

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