Jazzwerkstatt JW018 Ein nachmittag in Peitz

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, clarinet, alto and baritone saxophone, flute, talking (track2); Harry Miller, bass, cello (tracks 1, 4); Heinz Becker, trumpet (track 3); Joe Sachse, guitar (track 3); Klaus Koch, bass (track 3); Tony Oxley, drums (track 3).

  1. Relaxing with Harry (13.53)
  2. Luten sagt was (09.39)
  3. Relaxing with Heinz, Klaus, Joe and Tony (41.01)
  4. Return forever with and to Harry Miller (12.12)
Recorded live at Jazzwerkstatt Peitz on 17/18 April 1981.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Chris Hinze; design by Klaus Untiet.

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