Allelopathy ALL-1 To whom it may concern: dedicated to Kunio Nakamura (1944-1992)

Evan Parker/Barry Guy/ Ken'ich Takeda/Onnyk

Evan Parker, tenor and soprano saxophone; Barry Guy, double bass; Ken'ich Takeda, amplified Taisho-koto, percussion; Onnyk, alto and soprano saxophones, electric guitar, percussion, etc.

  1. Quartet 1 (28.36)
  2. Quartet 2 (08.42)
  3. Duo [Parker/Onnyk] (30.16)

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at Gallery SAIENSU in Morioka, Japan on 13 November 1985; track 3 recorded at SAIENSU on 28 November 1982.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Onnyk.

Limited edition of 500 CDs produced.

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