Knitting Factory Works KFWCD 100 Live at the Knitting Factory volume 4

Various musicians

  1. Ned Rothenberg Double Band [Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone; Thomas Chapin, alto saxophone; Jerome Harris, electric bass guitar; Gregory Jones, electric bass guitar; Pheeroan adKaff, drums, percussion]: Rai-hop (07.21); recorded 28 July 1990
  2. Universal Congress Of [Joe Biaza, guitar, vocals; Steve Moss, tenor saxophone, background vocals; Bob Fitzer, bass; Paul Lyons, drums]: Freight train (03.52); recorded 8 August 1990
  3. Last Exit [Peter Brötzmann, reeds; Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums; Bill Laswell, bass; Sonny Sharrock, guitar]: The sprawl (09.01); recorded 3 February 1990
  4. Iva Bittova, violin, voice; Pavel Fajt, drums, special metals: Strom (03.05); recorded 11 October 1989
  5. Framework [Erik Friedlander, cello; Kevin Norton, drums, samples; Laura Seaton, violin]: Erghen diado (03.56); recorded 23 July 1990
  6. Spanish Fly [Steven Bernstein, cornet, slide trumpet; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Dave Tronzo, slide guitar]: Cave man (04:51); recorded 9 July 1990
  7. Miniature [Joey Baron, drums, electronics; Tim Berne, alto saxophone; Hank Roberts, vocal, cello, electronically-modified cello]: Jersey devil (11.22); recorded 21 February 1990
  8. X-legged Sally [Peter Vermeersch, tenor saxophone; Eric Sleichim, alto saxophone; Michel Mast, baritone saxophone; Jan Weuts, trumpet; Pieter Lamotte, trombone; Michel Delorie, electric guitar; Bruno Deneuter, bass guitar; Danny Van Hoeck, drums]: Fast forward (04.52); recorded 4 February 1990
  9. Bill Homan: 1990 (09.13); recorded 9 June 1990
  10. New & used [Dave Douglas, trumpet; Kermit Driscoll, bass; Mark Feldman, violin; Andy Laster, reeds; Tom Rainey, drums]: Farm life (07.56); recorded 24 April 1990
All tracks recorded at The Knitting Factory, NYC.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Nancy Perlman.

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